ゆばcafe 紫水庵

ゆばcafe 紫水庵

Cafe - Japanese
828-1 Shimoaguhara, Kamikawa, Kodama District, Saitama 367-0311, Japan


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Nestled in the serene village of spring water, where abundant spring water from Shiomine Mountain flows, lies the charming Yuba Cafe Shisui An. This cafe is managed directly by the renowned Yamaki Brewery and specializes in fermented seasonings from the brewery and yuba dishes made with freshly hand-pumped yuba from Tofu Kobo Toan. The star of the show is the thick, melt-in-your-mouth raw yuba, which is carefully hand-pumped one by one by skilled craftsmen from the soft Shinsen water. The soybeans used are organic and specially grown by contracted farmers, creating rich and flavorful soy milk that enhances the taste of the yuba. The cozy atmosphere of the cafe is perfect for enjoying a leisurely tea time, complete with a variety of yuba dishes and other menu items made with locally sourced ingredients. The relaxing ambiance invites guests to savor the delicious food and drink while taking in the tranquil surroundings. Yuba Cafe Shisui An continues to explore new ways to showcase the versatility of yuba, offering a unique dining experience that blends tradition and innovation.

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