La Clairiere

La Clairiere

Restaurant - French
3-chōme-14-10 Shirokane, Minato City, Tokyo 108-0072, Japan


Welcome to La Clairiere, a culinary haven that embraces the essence of French cuisine with a touch of Japanese sensibilities. Our cuisine is a delightful fusion of regional flavors, with a special focus on the four seasons of Japan. In this enchanted region named "Tokyo," La Clairiere thrives, celebrating the bounties that each season brings. Our chefs artfully craft dishes that pay homage to the changing landscapes and the delicate harmony of nature. Step into our warm and inviting space, where the sun's gentle rays filter through the trees, casting a magical glow upon your dining experience. Here, time seems to slow down as you savor each exquisite bite, immersed in the symphony of flavors. La Clairiere embodies the true spirit of French cuisine, harmoniously intertwined with the soul of Japan. It's a journey where classic techniques meet the appreciation for seasonal treasures, creating a culinary voyage like no other. Join us in this culinary exploration at La Clairiere, where French cuisine embraces the beauty of Japanese seasons. Bask in the warmth of our welcoming space, where the sun and the trees dance in harmony, and each dish tells a story of nature's bounty. We await the pleasure of serving you and offering a dining experience that will linger in your heart.

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