鮨割烹 とと

鮨割烹 とと

Restaurant - Japanese / Sushi
16-8 Hinoikechō, Nishinomiya, Hyogo 662-0084, Japan


Welcome to 鮨割烹 とと, where an exceptional culinary experience awaits. Our owner personally journeys to Tango to select the finest ingredients, ensuring that only the best reaches your plate. Depending on the season, you might have the pleasure of savoring rare seafood that's exclusive to the local area. At 鮨割烹 とと, every detail matters. Our fish, sourced live, undergoes the Tsumoto-style blood-removal method, a technique that ensures the highest quality. Each piece is meticulously paired with a single serving of sushi rice infused with red vinegar and free from added sugar, elevating every bite to an artful masterpiece. Totto's prowess shines brightest in our specialization of Tango's seasonal ingredients, harmoniously paired with locally brewed sake. This thoughtful combination captures the essence of the region and brings you a symphony of flavors that reflect the uniqueness of Tango. Join us at 鮨割烹 とと for an unforgettable journey through the palate. Immerse yourself in a culinary adventure where passion meets precision, tradition meets innovation, and every dish is a testament to our dedication to excellence. Let our carefully curated ingredients and skillful techniques transport you to the heart of Tango's culinary treasures. We eagerly await the honor of serving you and inviting you to experience the true essence of 鮨割烹 とと.

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