Shichubo Yung

Shichubo Yung

Restaurant - Chinese
Japan, 〒108-0072 Tokyo, Minato City, Shirokane, 6-chōme−5−5, Mori Haus, 1F


Welcome to Shichubo Yung, a hidden gem nestled in a quiet corner of Shirokane, away from the bustling station. Our restaurant's popularity as a hideout lies in its serene ambiance, offering an intimate and exclusive dining experience. Derived from a rich Hong Kong food culture, our name "Shih Fung Choy" harks back to a time when renowned chefs invited friends to their homes for post-retirement dinners. At Shichubo Yung, we proudly carry on this tradition, creating a dining experience that is both personal and private. Chef Yuta Hara stands at the heart of our culinary journey, presenting meticulously crafted dishes over the counter. Each delicacy is thoughtfully prepared for our intimate group of 10 guests, ensuring an individualized culinary adventure that is second to none. Immerse yourself in the joy of private dining, as you savor every carefully curated dish, a testament to Chef Yuta Hara's artistry and passion. At Shichubo Yung, every moment is an ode to personalized perfection, and every bite takes you on a captivating journey through the flavors of Hong Kong. Indulge in a truly exclusive dining experience at Shichubo Yung, where tradition and innovation merge to create unforgettable culinary memories. Join us in this haven of taste and elegance, where each dish is a reflection of our dedication to creating the most intimate dining moments for our cherished guests. We eagerly await the pleasure of serving you and sharing the spirit of Shih Fung Choy with you.

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