Sushi Mukau

Sushi Mukau

Restaurant - Japanese / Sushi
1-chōme-14-11 Shirokane, Minato City, Tokyo 108-0072, Japan


Welcome to Sushi Mukau, a culinary haven where sushi becomes an exquisite art that tantalizes your taste buds. With a burning desire to craft natural and tantalizing sushi, our visionary chef founded this gem in the heart of Shirokane-Takanawa. Driven by a passion to explore the essence of sushi-making, he ventured to port cities like Shanghai and Hong Kong, immersing himself in the sea's embrace. A journey back to his origins led him to embrace the harmony of region and season, where flavors meld in perfect union. With every bite, he weaves a symphony of aroma and lingering taste that lingers on your palate. His extensive overseas experience has elevated his skills to a world-class level, earning Sushi Mukau overwhelming acclaim from patrons both near and far. Indulge in the one and only world of Sushi Mukau, where each morsel makes your throat growl with delight at random moments. Here, sushi transcends beyond a mere dish; it's an experience that leaves a lasting impression. We await the privilege of serving you at Sushi Mukau, where artistry and culinary finesse unite to create a dining experience that transcends boundaries. Join us on this extraordinary culinary journey, and discover why Sushi Mukau has conquered hearts overseas and will undoubtedly captivate yours too.

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